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in case you take prompts for drabbles: Charles taking Erik to a christmas market

“Come now Erik it won’t be that bad! We’ll have fun!” 

“I don’t even celebrate this holiday, how could this possibly be fun?”

“You don’t have to celebrate it, just enjoy!”

The pair continued on like this, Erik trying to stare the telepath down and Charles just giving him his baby blue puppy eyes until the German sighed. “Fine, fine. I’ll go to this blasted Christmas market.” Charles’s face broke out in an ecstatic grin, “Thank you Erik you’ll have fun I promise!” Erik just rolled his eyes as his boyfriend kissed his cheek in thanks, going on and on about how fun it would be. “Yeah yeah yeah, just when is this market?” Charles looked at him with a nervous smile, “Well thats the thing.” the metal-bender raised an eyebrow, “What is it?” “Its..uh…today? Right now?” It took all of Erik’s will power not to face palm and or bang his head against the wall a few times. “Right now? Really Charles? We need to plan! To get ready!” Now it was Charles’s turn to roll his eyes, “Honestly Erik, what is there to plan? We go, we drink, eat, have fun then we go back home, simple.” “Alright, fine. Lets go then.” 

After getting in the car and around an hour of playful bickering, the pair finally arrived at the market. Erik would never admit it out loud, but he was rather impressed by the lights and smells, not that he would have to say it, because Charles already knew. 

“Come on, what are we waiting here for? Lets go!” The professor dragged Erik out of the car and right to the opening to that rather large Christmas market. After purchasing tickets, they walked inside, neither hiding their awe at the sheer size and quality of the whole thing was. Erik was the first to snap out of the daze, “So where to first?” Charles looked around at the many different stalls and booths, trying to find the best food or drink. “How about that one? The…Magenbrot?” Erik nodded, smiling at his pronunciation of the german word, “Alright, lets start there.” Charles smiled back and grabbed Erik’s hand as they walked, Charles more bouncing then actually walking, over to the booth. Erik was familiar with the german cookies and the smell emanating from them brought back fond memories. They purchased two of the confections and started to walk amongst the stalls again. 

There wasn’t to many stalls compared to the ones in Germany, only about 50 or so. But that didn’t make it any less grand. It was getting dark, so all of the tents were lit up, not to mention the fact that it was a full moon and the stars were shining brighter then they had in ages, but perhaps that was just Erik’s mood making them seem that way. Charles dragged Erik through more stalls, the metal bender helping translate the german signs and even teaching him some phrases. Charles managed to get Erik on the carousal, laughing at how ridiculous the fully-grown man looked riding the little pony. They drank to the point where Charles was stumbling and Erik had to wrap his arm around his waist to prevent him from falling, not that either complained at all. After a few more hours of eating and drinking and having fun, the pair left the market and ended up collapsing on a nearby field (many secluded places, one of the few perks of England). Charles was still giggling like a school girl, a drunken blush painting his cheeks as Erik lied right next to him, their fingers intertwined. “Told you it would be fun!” Charles said with a smug smirk. “Mmmhmm, so you did.” Erik said with a hum. Charles’s smile grew and he curled up against Erik’s side, the mutant wrapped his arms around him in response and placed a gentle kiss on the side of his head. “Sleep well Leibling.” was the last thing Charles heard before falling into a peaceful sleep.

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